PUL Covers

Waterproof PUL Diaper Covers

  • Snaps closure (velcro discontinued)
  • FOE elastic gathers legs and back 
  • Extra LEG GUSSETS, with soft fleece binding
  • Colored PUL now available and several colors of elastic binding
  • Pick coordinating fabric, binding and snaps or mix & match for a unique cover design!
  • Custom orders- check out the fabric choices HERE.  
  • Prices below for Solids, add $1 for Printed PUL
  • Available Sizes:
$7 NEWBORN: 6.5-10 lbs
$7 SMALL: 8.5-15 lbs
$8 MEDIUM: 14-30 lbs
$8 LARGE: 28-35 lbs
$8 XL: 33-40 lbs (chunky legs)

My PUL is one-sided knit, the side facing IN is "shiny" allowing you to easily wipe it off & use it immediately when needed - and it is much easier to clean off messy BMs.

Diaper Cover Wash Instructions:
These covers do not need to be washed after EVERY diaper change.  Use them until soiled.  I let mine hang to air out between use.  Fasten velcro tabs when applicable.  For your regular wash routine, I suggest pre-rinse COLD, wash HOT with ¼ amount of low-additive detergent, cold rinse.  Line drying will prolong the life of the PUL Waterproof Fabric.  PUL Covers will dry fairly quickly on the clothesline, indoors or out.  Avoid bleach on PUL items.

Size Gallery - Click on an image to pop out/enlarge

8 weeks old, 13lbs, wearing size Small PUL Cover (over prefold)

24 months old, 35 lbs, wearing size XL Cover (over prefold)

 24 months, 24lbs, Medium Cover

5 weeks, 8 lbs, XS (newborn) Cover

17 days old, Small Cover


  1. I LOVE your PUL covers! They have made cloth diapering as easy as using a disposable. My son is 4 and a half months old now, and we have been using your covers since he was 2 months. They are so easy to use.

  2. I've been using 3 covers you made for a few weeks now and I am so happy with them even though my little escape artist has figured the snaps out to. I about to send half of my proraps back to the diaper service because I'm not using them. And the second pocket that I got is holding up great I wash it almost every other day and no problems with the pul. Thanks a bunch.

  3. The PUL covers I ordered are amazing! They can be used multiple times between washes, are easy to clean, and do not stain like the covers I had ordered off Amazon. The covers are super cute since they are customizable! I will definitely be ordering more!

  4. I bought 3 of your XS covers off a used diaper swap and I have to say they are the best fitting newborn covers I have found!

    1. Thanks for sharing. How nice to hear. ~Becky


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